How to influence baby's first word

How to influence baby

To get your baby to say "mama" or "dada", you should repeat the words 100 times every day right in front of his face. A study by Indiana University has made some interesting discoveries...

Visual is better than verbal

The conclusion of the scientists is that whispering the words in baby's ear doesn't do much good; baby's first word is determined more by the look of the word forming on mom and dad's lips rather than the sound of the word itself.

Making connections

If mom lets baby see her say "mama" enough, it has more benefit than letting baby hear it alone. According to the researchers, this is all down to how language develops in newborns. Visual memory is where children first make their connections with the world. When they see an object often enough, they recognise it. The word for it comes later.

To conduct the research, the scientists places cameras on the babies' heads, to see how they see the world. It showed that babies keep their attention on one object shorter than first thought, and that they need some incentive to focus. 

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