How to: give your baby a massage

How to: give your baby a massage

It is very relaxing, is good for muscle development, blood circulation, sleep, it stimulates your baby's senses, digestion, and it ensures a good bond between you and your baby: give your baby a massage!

If you are going to massage your little one, you have to pay attention to a number of things. Make sure your baby has not just eaten, otherwise he may become nauseous and start vomiting. It is also important that the room in which it is located is not too cold: about 22 degrees. Take off your jewelry and watch to prevent scratching. Put your little one on a soft towel. You can massage it in bed, on the couch, on a changing table or on a soft carpet on the floor. Lubricate your hands with preferably a natural oil such as almond oil or coconut oil. In addition, ensure that there are as few stimuli as possible. No TV, radio (except relaxing music) and make sure you are relaxed yourself, otherwise your baby will feel any stress coming from you

The massage

  • Start at the lower body. Put your hands around the legs of your child and make stroking movements from the groin to the feet.
  • Hold the lower legs and carefully make bicycle movements with the knees to the belly.
  • Then massage the bottom of the feet with your thumb by making circular movements around the heel to the toes.
  • Massage the arms and hands of your baby in the same way.
  • Then you go to the chest. Put your hands on your baby's chest and caress the sides of the body. Then rub from the right shoulder to the left hip and from the left shoulder to the right hip. Then you massage circles with the flat of your hand over the belly of your child.
  • You should only massage the back of your baby when the head is completely relaxed. You can use the same technique as with the abdomen. 

After the massage
You can do the massage for about ten to twenty minutes. You'll notice that your baby is sick of it when he turns his head away or begins to cry. Of course, that's when you stop. Then you can put it in a warm bath to rinse off the leftover oil. This is a wonderfully relaxing ritual to do before bedtime, your child will probably fall asleep!

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