How is it possible? Pregnant twice in three days?!

How is it possible? Pregnant twice in three days?!

It sounds impossible that you can become pregnant twice in three days, and yet it really can happen. A Belgian woman is expecting a child through artificial insemination and a second child naturally.

The couple, who wishes to remain anonymous, were struggling last year. Through ICSI they tried to conceive, but unfortunately all four attempts did not work out.

No more hormones and stress
This intense period brought with it much stress and sorrow. When two of the six eggs were still in the freezer, they threw the towel. The hormones and the stress were put aside for a moment. The couple also wanted to try it in the natural way, though the doctors had their doubts.

Fertility treatment
Another fertility treatment took place last October. In November there was some bloodloss and they feared the worst. Yet the doctor reassured them. It looked good. In fact, there were two foetuses to be seen. It turned out their natural conception really worked, too!

According to the gynecologist, there are three days difference between the babies-to-be. Happy times!

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