How do you survive those sleepless nights?

How do you survive those sleepless nights?

Even before you get the good news, you have a vague idea of those sleepless nights that come with every newborn. Whether you're on the money or not, whether you want them or not, those broken, sleepless nights are coming.

While one mother is red-eyed every day from lack of sleep, another might wonder what the big fuss is all about. One baby sleeps sound as a rose on a pillow, the other could fill a ship's sails with screaming. Every situation, every family, every child is different. Here's how to survive:

Make a plan
My husband and I broke the tasks down; he did some things like changing the diapers, whilst I did others like feeding the little one. We became a well oiled machine and it helped to share the load that little bit more. Knowing exactly who does what can stop a whole load of arguments before they ever start.

Try to sleep while baby sleeps during the day. Even though the laundry needs doing, and the counter tops are dirty, and there are more cat hairs on the floor than on the cat itself, it's important that you get some rest. You need to remember to be kind to yourself as a new mother. Baby's in bed? Go get some shuteye.

Help groups
All the help you can get, take it! I even got one of my girlfriends to take baby for a night, so me and husband could get one good night's sleep which kept us going for a good while longer. And my friend recovered before too long! My mother also helped one night by sleeping in the spare room with baby and comforting him and feeding when he needed. This was even better, because baby was taken care of and still just in the room next door.

Social media alert
Don't pay too much attention from mommies on social media, especially if they are having an easier time of it. For everyone asking how to get more sleep, there's always someone else saying that baby was sleeping soundly after just a few weeks. Every baby is different, it just takes a little time sometimes.

It's just a phase
It's hard to hear that it's just a phase when you feel like a zombie in the morning, but it really is. Stick with it, follow the other tips, and it'll be over before you know it. When you're watching 2am television with baby, just remind yourself it's just a phase.

It gets better.

Do you have any other tips for mothers to help them get a little more sleep?

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