Hilarious: this is how to free your hands!

Hilarious: this is how to free your hands!

A 15-year-old babysitter had a very original way to have her hands free for a while. In the case of the mother, it certainly made her laugh!

Mama Claudia Sorhaindo shared the photos on Facebook and to her big surprise the photos went viral. The photo shows her 15-year-old niece J'Ann who sits Claudia's 2-month-old daughter Ava. What makes the photo so special is that J'Ann Ava has done her trousers so that she has her hands free to spread a sandwich.

Deeper meaning
For Claudia the photos have a deeper meaning. In 2011, the three-month-old daughter of Claudia passed away due to a medical error in the hospital. "J'Ann knows how protective I am with Ava. Some will probably say that I might be a bit paranoid. I always check if I still see Ava breathing, so J'Ann has shown me that she is very good with Ava.

Do you know any original ways to have your hands free?

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