Hilarious: Instagram account 'Kids are the worst'

Hilarious: Instagram account

Sure, little Peter is very sweet. And cute. And handsome. But sometimes a jerk, right? Sometimes you can't take life as a mother too seriously. It is not all pink and glitter in Momville. No, sometimes it's one big joke And the funny part is: afterwards you can laugh at the situations. The Instagram account  Kids are the worst knows how to capture these situations. Look and laugh!

Apparently these nuggets aren't Michelin starred

Why not throw stuff down the stairs?

Aaah, a waterfall!

You turn around for one second....

Is this a hint that you're working too much?

As soon as you leave the house...

Moooom, look what I can do!

As long as one of us is having fun...

When I didn't like veggies I'd drop them on the floor, this is a different solution.

What a great place to puke. 


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