Hilarious cartoons: the beginning of your relationship versus now

Hilarious cartoons: the beginning of your relationship versus now

What was a nice time? When your husband and you were still dating and you started five hours in advance with your make-up, everything had to be perfect and you still went through a lot of trouble for each other. Now, after a relationship or marriage of a number of years, things are different. 'Heels? He should be glad that I'm not going out the door in my slippers. "

These cartoons show the difference between the beginning of your relationship and now, in hilarious and recognisable ways! Read on and laugh till you cry!

What a difference a year makes...​

To talk or not to talk...​

Dining changes ever so slightly...

You learn they don't care what you wear

Happier when you're alone...

Home is where the fart is...​


Tension? Not anymore!


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