HELP! My toddler won't sleep at night

HELP! My toddler won

On the blurred baby monitor screen I see the acrobatic art of my son in his bed. At midnight he makes headrolls, does handstands and flies through his bed, then crashes under his blanket and gives it a cuddle.

My son has trouble falling asleep, he does not mean to climb out of bed or to call his parents frequently, but still he does it. At the end of our tethers, we have been looking for a way that our toddler can fall asleep again at a normal time.

Good sleeper

Our toddler has always been a good sleeper. Both by day and at night he slept well. Even now he still wants a sleep during the day. We will put him down at two o'clock in the afternoon and wake up at around half past five. Normally he would then be in bed at eight o'clock in the evening to wake up around seven o'clock in the morning.

But little boys grow up and we noticed for a while that he had more trouble falling asleep. Maybe time to ditch the afternoon nap? Or wake him earlier in the day?

iven that he sometimes sleeps three hours during his nap, we really think that he needs it. But waking him up earlier was not a good option.

Waking up

In the afternoon, our little fellow sleeps so deeply that he always wakes up very slowly when we talk gently to him for about ten minutes. He jumps into my arms and is not fully awake and is very teary for the first quarter of an hour.

Do you have any good tips on how to handle this afternoon tea dilemma? And how did you deal with this?

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