Help! My husband doesn't help with the baby!

Help! My husband doesn

You see it on TV or social media: the happy father who holds his baby firmly in his arms and helps around the house all day long. Nothing is too much for him. Meanwhile, he gives the baby a bottle so that mom can take a nap and, as icing on the cake, he also goes shopping with the baby in the baby carrier. Nice picture, right?

Unfortunately, this is not a reality for every mother. Some mothers have men who are not often home because of their busy job. Other mothers do not even have a father figure at all for their child and do everything themselves.

If he does nothing
There are fathers who dedicate themselves fully to paternity, who support the mothers in everything. Nothing is too much for them. They cook, do the laundry and after a busy day at work they take a bath. But what if this is not the case? What if the father refuses to change diapers etc? What should you do if you've a man who does nothing?

My tip is: talk about it. Communication is incredibly important in a relationship! Tell him how you feel when you have to do everything on your own and he is barely there for you. Tell him what it does to you and how it makes you feel. This may sound very scary, but in a relationship this is essential. Your baby daddy can only see your outside, not what is happening in your head. And however clear it may be for you, it is often not for a man. Sometimes it really seems that men have blinkers on, when really they just have different minds and think differently about different priorities.

Often it is a matter of difference of thinking and communicating. An example: where women just want to be cuddled and comforted after a cry, men often start with practical ideas to fix things. Women just want to be heard and comforted with sweet words. There are many other examples that I could give you. Men and women think and feel in a different way. Of course there are exceptions to this rule and fortunately not all fathers are like that.

How does your partner deal with fatherhood?

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