Having fewer toys is good for children

Having fewer toys is good for children

Chances are that your child has received a lot of new toys after the holidays. Enough to drive you crazy! If you wonder whether such a big mountain of toys is good for him, then the answer is ... no!

Researchers at the American University of Toledo have done a small-scale test that showed that little toys are better for your child. This improves the quality of play if there is not too much distraction from other toys, Today.com reports.

Research into play behavior
The study looked at the playing behavior of 36 children aged 18 to 30 months. On one occasion they were offered four different toy items, the other time sixteen. It became clear that with fewer toys more intense and imaginative was played.

More creative
According to Professor Alexia E. Metz, who contributed to the research, fewer toys ensure that children can concentrate better and be more creative. They become less distracted. 

Does your child have too much toys to your liking?

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