Having a second child very quickly increases the risk of autism

Having a second child very quickly increases the risk of autism

More than two years after the birth of my first one, we decided to go for a second one. Now I read a study showing that that is a perfect time to get pregnant from a second. Because if you become pregnant earlier than 18 months after the birth of your first child, the chance of autism in your second child has increases by 50 percent.

This is shown by research conducted by Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), US public health services. It appears that there is a direct link between autism and early pregnancy with a second child.

According to current US guidelines, it is now advised to wait 18 months for a new pregnancy. According to the researchers, this should be emphasized more when providing information to women. In addition to autism, the risk of preterm birth and a rupture in the placenta is also greater with a rapid pregnancy after the birth of a child.

Also do not wait too long
According to the researchers, you should not wait too long. If you want to start the next one more than four years after the birth of your child, the risk of disorders in the development of the unborn baby is greater again.

The researchers' advice is: wait at least 18 months to become pregnant again. Your body needs that time to fully recover and be ready to give a baby enough nutrients.

The research was published in the scientific magazine Autism Research and is based on data from more than 1400 children.

How long did you wait before you became pregnant with your next child?


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