Happy moments of a first time mother

Happy moments of a first time mother

The life of a mother is one of high peaks to deep valleys and back again. One with happy moments, chaos, panic, and intense love. All emotions are ramped up to 1000 and that's normal.

Some moments you will never forget:

... having your baby in the arms for the first time.

... baby laughing for the first time.

... her first words

... when you wake up in the morning and you realize that your little angel slept all night long. Yes!

... breastfeeding that goes well.

... the first acquaintance of your baby with grandfather and grandma bursting into tears.

... the look of the love from your child.

... that feeling of being a family.

... when you see your little bundle after the first day you left him or her at grandma and grandmother or the babysitter.

... the maternity workers who help you

... the first time you watch them sleep

... when you first go out with your child and your husband as if to say: look, we are a family!

... the moment the butcher / baker / grandma around the corner compliments you about your sweet / beautiful / adorable baby.

... when you see your body slowly changing back to how it was.

... when your partner tells you what a great mom you are.

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