Handy: 9 hacks for new mothers

Handy: 9 hacks for new mothers

Who knew that life as a new-born mother of a little one could be so laborious? I sometimes found it very overwhelming. If I had known about these hacks before, it would have been that bit easier!

1. Milk at room temperature
I myself always carried a thermos bottle with warm water so that I could always make a bottle of milk at temperature. Or I was constantly on the lookout for a microwave. Actually it is much more convenient if let your child get used to room temperature milk. 

2. Dog poop bags
Do you always buy those diaper bags? Did you know that dog waste bags are much cheaper and have the same effect as those expensive diaper bags?

3. Plastic bag
Make sure you always have a plastic bag in your handbag. Such a bag is multifunctional: they can vomit in it, or use it as an 'emergency potty', and it is also very useful to put dirty and / or wet clothing in case an accident has happened.

4. Baby powder
If you go to the beach, bring baby powder. It is the ideal way to get sand off your little one.

5. Washcloth
Do you have problems with teething? This way you can alleviate the pain. Take a news washcloth and dip it in chamomile tea. Put it in a plastic bag with a zip closure and put it in the freezer. If your little one is bothered, let him suck and chew on the washcloth. An additional advantage is that the tea has a soothing effect.

6. Clean the breast pump components
Of course, you want to keep a breast pump sterile, but it is not necessary to clean every part after every session. Put the parts in a plastic bag and put them in the refrigerator. At the end of the day you can then thoroughly clean each part.

7. Pacifiers
Are you going out? Put the (spare) teats in a small plastic sandwich bag to keep them clean.

8. Wind
Do your baby have a lot of wind? Maybe you can help him a bit to provide faster winding. Put your baby on his back and turn his legs in a bicycle pattern.

9. Background sounds
Teach your child to sleep with background sounds. This way you can prevent it from becoming a light sleeper that wakes up with every sound. Now that it is summer, you can, for example, switch on a fan.

If you know more, let us know!

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