Grandads and Grandmothers often don't like their grandchild's name

Grandads and Grandmothers often don

Gold, Prairie, Storm, Butterfly ... Perhaps you are very happy with an original name for your child, but chances are that his grandfathers and grandmothers will hate it.

You do your best to find an original name for your child, then it turns out that your own parents think it's horrible.

Research among 2,000 grandparents and parents, carried out by Mumsnet and Gransnet, shows that no less than 19 percent of grandparents do not like the name of their grandchild.

The reason that was most often mentioned: the name is too weird (28%). Other reasons mentioned by the participants in the study were:

  • The name sounds stupid.
  • The name is too old-fashioned.
  • My grandchild will be ashamed of his own name.
  • Angry because a family name was not used.
  • The name reminds me of someone I do not like.
  • Grandparents also did not like it when their ideas for a name were not used.

And the parents?
As far as parents are concerned, no less than 38 percent think grandparents should not interfere in choosing a name.

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