Go outside every day, even in the winter!

Go outside every day, even in the winter!

Going outside in the spring, summer, autumn or winter is fantastic for both mother and baby.

There is no perfect temperature for you to go outside. In late autumn and winter it is often intensely cold, rainy and if you are unlucky, also snowy. Then you do not really look forward to having to go outside. Then you prefer to stay inside, cocooned with your newborn baby and partner. Cozy under a blanket on the couch, with a cup of tea or hot chocolate.

There is a danger that you stay inside so much that you, as a mother who has just given birth, at one point gets rather isolated from the rest of the world. If you're not on cloud Nine, this doesn't exactly help. Because mothers with postpartum depression are often inclined to avoid everything. Going out, keeping company, doing fun things. Avoidance behavior in recent mothers is something I encounter a lot in practice. In a way it's logical because if you do not feel happy, you prefer to avoid anything that does not feel comfortable. It is not surprising that you show avoidance behavior.

Healthy distraction, in any form whatsoever, can help you get out of your slump. Whether you have apostnatal depression after delivery, or just a huge winter dip ini mood, that does not matter. The same applies to both: go outside anyway! Put on your thickest sweater and your finest coat, wrap your scarf around your head, put on a hat and if necessary extra ear warmers. If it is too cold, leave your child with your husband or a babysitter, but go outside! Take a nice walk with a friend or go alone. Smell the cold air, look around and reward yourself with a nice lunch with that same friend or go shopping. Anyway, choose to no longer isolate yourself. Choose to take on the challenge, pull yourself out of that comfort zone and go out!

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