Get ready for sleeplessness...

Get ready for sleeplessness...

If you are pregnant, it seems like you are being prepared for the nights you will be kept up by baby. Sometimes I'd take so many visits to the bathroom that it felt like I had drunk 50 gallons of water just before bed.

I also regularly heard in the morning that I had cut down the rainforest (read: snoring). Or I woke up because our son had a kind of house party at three o'clock in the night, going crazy in the womb. 

Crazy dreams
Oh yes, and I dreamed the weirdest things: that our baby turned out to have a different sex than predicted, that he was born in England, that the stroller always fell apart, that I dropped the baby or that his baby room disappeared.

The result was that during the day I walked through the house like a zombie and all I could think about was sleep!

"Just sleep"
Tips from the experts: just give in to your fatigue and just lie down. Yeah right. There is also such a thing as working, and you can't exactly just lie down in a corner. As soon as I got home, I plopped on the couch and eagerly looked forward to my bed where the sleepless nights started again.

Get used to broken nights
Still, it might help to get used to these broken nights. When baby comes along there are going to be plenty of them. I was already used to interrupted nights. And although it is frustrating, it is also (especially in the beginning) wonderful to cuddle with your newborn baby.

I was blessed and finally after months of broken nights, we slept through the night. As a brand new parents you are happy / proud / euphoric if you sleep for six hours in a row. If I had a formula I would share it, but maybe it's just luck? There are also stories of mothers who have a toddler and who have been out of their warm beds every night for two years.

Now that my children are a bit older and do not have any problems with teething or things like that, I sometimes have to go see about a scary dream or to kill a monster under a bed, but this will eventually settle, too.

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