Fussy eating may be genetic

Fussy eating may be genetic

Have you just spent a long time in the kitchen to prepare a nutritious, delicious, meal for your little one, only for them not to eat a bite? This can be extremely frustrating, and is a source of great irritation for many parents. It could be the case that fussy eating is genetic, and there's not much you can particularly do to combat it. Some children are very hard work, whilst others will gladly eat everything that's put in front of them.

Eating diary

Scientists at University College London have come to this conclusion after studying 1,921 British families with twins. The parents were instructed to keep an eating diary for their children, paying attention to how selective they were, and whether they were open to trying new things.

One third of the twins were identical, and thus had the same DNA, the other twins were fraternal, and shared roughly half their DNA like most brothers and sisters.

All in the genes

The findings of the study were published in the Journal of Child Psychology and Psychiatry. Selectivity was far more common with both members of the identical twin pairs than with the fraternal twin pairs. According to the researchers, it shows that fussiness and selective eating is genetically determined. Which genes are responsible are as yet unknown.

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