Funny comics about motherhood

Funny comics about motherhood

There are so many situations that are so incredibly recognizable to mothers. And when you see them as a cartoon drawing it's difficult not to laugh. A great example of these are the cartoons of Kayela Larson.

Her love for drawings stems from her adoration for classic Disney films, such as The Little Mermaid and the Lion King. But after her studies her time was swallowed up by her busy family and little time was left for her creativity. Until she came to a point where she thought she needed to do something to calm her but something she was passionate about...

I love you...




Play together, share together?


Big butt? Really??


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  • Ellyalar

    Yeah, it's a pretty funny comic book. It's interesting to see what you are from the outside. I'm a mother of two kids and it's very difficult without humor. Kids' caprices sometimes just drive you crazy. In addition to comics, I also read short jokes and funny liners, which I can find on and further share with their friends. You sit in the company of the same moms, see their fatigue and try to cheer them up at the expense of jokes. We organize a unloading evening with my friends every Friday with maximum fun.

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