Fun Facts about December babies

Fun Facts about December babies

Are you worried that your child's birthday will be snowed under by all holidays in December? Do not worry: it's fun to have a birthday in December! Here a few fun facts about the December baby.

Forgotten birthday?
Research shows that one third of those born in December believe that their birthday will be forgotten. About 27 percent even get their gift in Christmas wrapping paper. Yet it turns out that 24 and 25 December are the rarest days to have a birthday. So it is actually very special to have a birthday on these days.

Children born in the winter are more optimistic than children born in other seasons. For example, according to Hungarian research, those born in the winter suffer less from mood swings.

Children born in October, November or December are sportier and physically fitter according to research. This is probably due to the mothers who have been able to absorb more vitamin D during the year. That could ensure that their babies have stronger bones and muscles.

Birth plant
Ever heard of a birth plant? These are plants that are linked to your month of birth. The birth plant for December is holly, lovely and festive!

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  • MichaelMcNamara

    Fortunately my baby was also born in the December and he has the exactly same habits which are mention here in the article. You need to read EDUBIRDIE REVIEW to get more help in hiring people online for your assignments. You have excellently discovered these facts in the babies.

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