Four golden tips: how to help your child keep himself busy

Four golden tips: how to help your child keep himself busy

You want to make a call or you want to chat with the neighbor or a friend, but that will be a lot harder if your child wants your attention at that moment.

Here are a few tips from Mumsnet's mothers, which might help. :-)

New toys?

Is your child sleeping? Take a box and put in toys that your child does not play with that often. The toys that he often plays with, you also put in a box and stash it away. Is your child awake? Present the box with toys he does not play as often as all new toys. This should keep them sweet for a little while.

In the same sense: change toys! put half of the toys and / or picture books in a separate crate and put them out of sight for two weeks. When they reappear they'll be over the moon and keep themselves busy.

Empty bottles and plastic boxes
Fill empty plastic bottles and Tupperware boxes with some rice or uncooked pasta. Can they play with them for hours by filling and emptying bottles and trays. Pay attention to very small children and make sure that they don't put the rice or pasta in their mouths. And keep your vacuum cleaner ready!

Pots and pans
This is a noisy one, but is a super good distractor: pots and pans. Throw in some wooden spoons and you've got homemade drums!

Grab all plastic animals and dolls that are waterproof, lay a shower curtain on the floor, fill a bowl with water and give the child the assignment to give them a good wash. There will be mess, but it keeps them busy for ten minutes!

How do you keep your baby busy?

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