Flaky scalp on baby

Flaky scalp on baby

My son was born with a modest layer of hair on his head. To my great sorrow, those beautiful hairs disappeared when he was about three weeks old. When he later got a load of flakes on his bare scalp, I really had to think. Of course he was still the most beautiful baby in the world (really!), But I was really curious what those flakes did and where they came from

I typed 'baby flakes on head' on Google. Soon I learned that we were dealing with a baby with cradle cap, which is a form of eczema. The yeast pityrosporon ovale causes a skin reaction on the sebaceous spots on the body (the scalp and eyebrows for example). The reddish skin and peel that make up the rash are the result of this. It's not painful, harmful and / or contagious.

Treatment is as follows:

  • Coat your baby's scalp extensively with baby oil.
  • Leave it alone.
  • Carefully scrape the fluffy flakes with an old debit card
  • Brush with a soft brush
  • Wash his hair under the shower

Cradle cap doesn't hurt but it's still wise to treat it.

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