Five children want to be adopted together

In the US state of Kansas, an unknown event has taken place, leaving five young children unable to live with their birth parents. Authorities started a mission this week that seemed impossible: find a family that wanted to adopt all five.

Bradley (11), Preston (10), Layla (8), Landon (6) en Olive (2) are seeking adoption together.

More responses than expected

The newspaper Kansas City Star published a "Family Wanted" call to keep the five children together. But who wants five extra children in the house? Five extra mouths to feed, five snotting noses and space for five extra beds? That turned out to be a lot more families than expected. The reactions were overwhelming.

The five children caused many hearts to melt. Bradley of eleven loves music and football, the ten-year-old Preston loves animals and the outside, sister Layla (eight) likes to dance and wants to save animals as an adult, Landon of six will become a gym teacher and competes with his brother and the youngest, the two-year-old Olive, likes to dance around and likes hugging. The authorities do not want to say why the children are looking for another home, but it is better not to break them apart. They are temporarily in different foster homes.


Viral reaction

Soon millions of Americans read their story and submitted thousands of information requests. The adoption agency had to remove the children's profiles because the site could not accept the applications.

The agency in the state of Kansas is investigating whether families are eligible for adoption, including by checking if they can handle the financial burden of five additional children. Families are also referred to other children who have long been waiting for adoption, but are less popular. The goal is to keep the five in the area where they live, but Americans responded from across the country.

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