Fish oil during pregnancy as protection against child asthma

Fish oil during pregnancy as protection against child asthma

Women who take a high dose of fish oil during the last trimester of their pregnancy reduce the chance that their children develop asthma at a later age.

Over seven hundred women participated in the study of the University of Copenhagen, published in The New England Journal of Medicine. Half of these fish swallowed and the other half were placebo. A quarter of these women also had asthma.

Of the children of the women who received the supplement, 16.9 percent had developed asthma by the age of three. In the children of women who swallowed a placebo, this was 23.7 percent.

This was an extra high dose of fish oil: 2.4 grams a day, which is fifteen to twenty times the amount of consumers usually enter daily.

Women with low levels of EPA and DHA (both omega 3 fatty acids) in their blood seemed to benefit most from the fish oil. 17.5 percent of them birthed a child who developed asthma. Of women who had a placebo, this was 34.1 percent, a difference of 16.6 percentage points.

Repeat the test

The researchers who participated in the test can not yet be sure that fish oil actually causes this effect. To do this, the research must be carried out again, with the fish oil being taken at an earlier stage of pregnancy.

Over 330 million children and adults suffer from asthma

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