First child born in the US via transplanted uterus

First child born in the US via transplanted uterus

It happened a few years ago in Sweden, but now it has also happened for the first time in the United States: a child has been born through a transplanted uterus.

The American event happened in Dallas, Texas. The woman, who has been kept anonymous, was born without a womb. Now she has become a mother at the Baylor University Medical Center in Dallas, reports ABC News.

A spokesperson for the hospital confirmed the birth but further details were not disclosed.

Baylor has been conducting a study for a couple of years, with ten women receiving donor wombs. In October 2016, the hospital announced that four women had received a donor uterus, but that in three women the uterus was rejected due to a lack of blood circulation.

Swedish physician Mats Brannstrom was the first doctor to help a baby through a transplanted uterus in the world. Since then he has helped a baby five times through a transplanted womb in the world.

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