Fewer babies are born on weekends

Fewer babies are born on weekends

On which day was your child born? My first came on a Friday in the world and my youngest on a Saturday. The latter appears to be an exception, because figures from the Central Bureau for Statistics (CBS) show that fewer children are born on Saturdays and Sundays than on other days.

Hospital deliveries
The least babies were born on Saturday and Sunday. 12.7 percent of babies came on a Saturday and 11.3 percent on a Sunday. Compared to fifty years ago, there was virtually no difference in births between week and weekend days. What has changed in those fifty years is the number of hospital deliveries. They have risen from less than a quarter to more than 80 percent.

There is also a difference in seasons. In 2016, more babies were born in the summer and autumn than in the winter and spring. Fifty years ago babies were born mostly in the summer months. According to Statistics Netherlands, this shift has to do with the introduction of reliable contraception in the 1970s and 1980s. Previous studies show that most couples want a spring child. People probably blame themselves on the time between stopping contraception and getting pregnant, so that the baby is born a little later than planned: in summer or autumn.

On which day was your child born?

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