Father throws baby from burning building, happy ending

As a parent, you tend not to throw your baby out of the window, but when his house was ablaze, a father from Georgia had no other option. Fortunately, there was a fireman who was able to catch the child.

It happened in a flash. The fire brigade was called because of a fire in a condominium in Georgia. Upon arriving at the building, Robert Stutton, one of the firemen, heard a man call for help from the window of his home.


When Stutton came closer he saw that the man held a baby. "That was the moment I started running," says the fireman against the American website 11Alive. He stood straight under the window and said to the father that he could drop his child. The video shows how it went.

No injuries

"I picked up the baby and immediately went to the medical staff," says Stutton. The child wasn't injured, thankfully.

Later, the father and other residents of the apartment complex were evacuated. Nobody was injured.

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