Father and son make baby photo which goes viral

Father and son make baby photo which goes viral

Recreating old photos is something that many people do. In general, it's very funny and some are done perfectly.  Last week we got another collection of hilarious and very well done pictures!

Dad Tyler Walker loves the craze of redoing old photos. However, the pictures that he done with his father fell foul of some people online.

In the bath with your father.

The picture of Tyler and his father is a picture of which they are sitting together in a bath. The baby photo is incredibly cute and attractive, the adult picture is, to say the least, a bit too much...


The comments on the internet are harsh. A lot of people find it 'disgusting' and wish they had never seen it. People also find it 'sick' and want to drown themselves in the bath after seeing the picture. Nevertheless, the post via Facebook is going viral.


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