Facebook photo of breastfeeding mother in restaurant goes viral

Facebook photo of breastfeeding mother in restaurant goes viral

If you have ever breastfed, you may recognize the doubt about feeding your baby in public. And the looks you get. Mother Ashley Kaidel was fed up with receiving disapproving looks when she breastfed uncovered in a restaurant and posted a picture of it on Facebook. The picture has now been passed over the entire internet.

24-year-old Ashley from Florida posted the photo of herself on Facebook. It looks as if she is staring into the distance in the distance, but she is looking back at a woman who stared at her annoyedley while feeding in public without covering. Since breastfeeding photos on Facebook are 'controversial' and 'inappropriate' nowadays, Ashley put the picture and the message on the social medium. In a short time the photo went viral.

Revitalize breastfeeding
Ashley had to make a lot of effort to feed her first child herself due to a lack of information and education and she also had to go to a lactation consultant. After overcoming the biggest obstacles, she is proud that she can breastfeed now. She does everything to normalize breastfeeding and to show that point and stare reactions are not okay.

Source: Babble.com
Source: Facebook Ashley

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