Extreme sports during your pregnancy: this woman does it

Extreme sports during your pregnancy: this woman does it

Exercise during your pregnancy is definitely recommended. It is not only good for you but also for your child. But this one woman takes it very seriously indeed.

Sports when you are pregnant are very good to do, but it is important not to endanger yourself and your unborn child. That is why sports that are likely to cause you to fall are not recommended, and you should also avoid sports with a lot of bodily contact.

Climbing, kickboxing and strength training
The Swedish fit-mom Anna-Lee Markstedt has ignored all that advice. She does kickboxing, climbing and strength training throughout her pregnancy.

"My extreme sports divides people into two camps," she tells Media Drum World. "There are those who say: 'You, go girl!', The other group claims it is irresponsible and that it is not good for the unborn child."

Of course, safety is important and she has taken the necessary measures to protect herself and her baby.

"There is a difference between being active and being stupid. I look at the situation in advance before I collapse. I do not recommend all pregnant women to climb or boot camp, but I have years of experience." And of course she takes into account her pregnant body. For example, she does not do abdominal exercises, or plank exercises because your stomach muscles during a pregnancy are stretched considerably and they lose their elasticity.

Listening to your body
"I try to listen carefully to my body." She says. According to experts, that is very important if you want to exercise extreme sports during a pregnancy.

Meanwhile, Anna-Lee gave birth to a healthy daughter who was born in just three hours!

Which sport did / do you do during your pregnancy?

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