Experts warn: "Our children are turning into zombies!"

Experts warn: "Our children are turning into zombies!"

In Britain, experts have issed a warning. Research shows that children sit behind the screen for almost five hours a day. "Our children are turning into zombies!"

We often talk about 'screen time' at Pregnology. Is it okay and what is too long behind the screen? Experts in the United Kingdom believe that action needs to be taken, because young children spend too much time with a screen. Research at the University of Oxford showsthat the time behind the screen has risen from just under three hours to four hours and 45 minutes.

Experts warn that children who are at the screen for far too long have a high risk of insomnia, obesity and are more likely to be victims of cyber-bullying, according to the British news website Dailymail.

The time behind a computer has increased by 40 minutes per day. Social media such as Facebook and Instagram have taken over the lives of the children according to the experts.

In the year 2000, possession of a mobile phone was still an exception, now about 70 percent of young people between the ages of 12 and 15 own a mobile phone.

Furthermore, the study showed that boys play computer games on average 50 minutes a day. Girls play an average of 9 minutes. But girls use the screen more often for studying and maintaining contacts with friends.

Parents must intervene
According to Dr. Angharad Rudkin of the University of Southampton, parents have to intervene more often as a result of this research "otherwise children will be sitting behind the screen longer and longer". Rudkin warns that young children suffer from so-called 'tech-tantrums' if they are denied access to a screen.

Do you notice that your child can get very angry if he is not allowed on the screen?

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