Expecting in the summer? Here are some benefits!

Expecting in the summer? Here are some benefits!

Pregnant during the summer? Don't worry, there are some serious advantages to be had!

1. Floating in the pool

You can keep floating in the pool indefinitely. Big advantage: you feel light as a feather, cool off easily, and swimming helps with those pregnancy pangs.

2. Bikini body

You do not have to worry about your bikini body this summer!

3. Feet
You do not have to push your swollen feet into pinching shoes, because it's the ideal time for flip-flops!

4. Ice creams in abundance
Have you suddenly become obsessed with ice cream? Fortunately, the ice cream parlors are open again and you can eat ice cream all day long.

5. Airy clothing
Instead of maternity wear, you can use easy-to-fit and airy summer dresses.

6. Safety
Because there is no snow or roads or pavements are frozen, you do not have to worry about slips where you can hurt your belly.

7. Perfect light
Are you planning to take beautiful pictures of your pregnancy: this is the ideal time to do that outside. The weather is  perfect and that also applies to the light.

Do you see any more benefits to a pregnancy in the summer?

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