Exciting: she gave birth during Hurricane Irma

Exciting: she gave birth during Hurricane Irma

Imagine you and your partner are at home, your watersbreak and Hurricane Irma ensures that no care provider can come to you. It's just you and your partner with no help. That happened to Cara Kesling who had to give birth in the middle of Hurricane Irma.

While Irma reached the Florida coast at Category 3, Cara felt the contractions become stronger and stronger. She had to give birth, but the relief workers were unable to take to the road through the hurricane.

With instructions from the doctors she did her own delivery together with her husband. Also the afterbirth and the cutting of the umbilical cord she did only with telephone help.

But the best part of the story is still coming. The girl who came into the world healthy and happy has received a very appropriate name: Nayiri Storm.

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