Epidurals do NOT make delivery last longer

Epidurals do NOT make delivery last longer

It was long thought that a delivery after a spinal puncture takes longer than when no epidural is given. American research shows that this is not true.

The British National Health Service said that one of the drawbacks at an epidural in the second phase of delivery could ensure that a delivery would last longer than without such treatment. But from an American survey of 400 women who became mothers for the first time, it appears that women who received an epidural did not have longer delivery times than those who did not.

No difference
Dr. Philip Hess, one of the researchers: "We found that there is no difference in the duration of delivery between women who have had an epidural and women who received a placebo."

For example, it turned out that women who needed a spinal injection on average during the second phase of delivery gave 52 minutes to give birth. Women with no epidural took on average 51 minutes.

Have you received any form of pain relief during your birth? And were you happy with it?


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