Emotional photo goes viral: soldier says goodbye to son

Emotional photo goes viral: soldier says goodbye to son

If you've ever seen those 'coming home' videos on YouTube - those videos where soldiers get home and hug their children enthusiastically and crying - then you know what kind of emotional rollercoaster you get with such a video.

One moment you have a big grin on your face, and the next moment you're awkwardly crying at the kitchen table. But this is the other side of the spectrum: the photos and videos that show brave children who drop their father or mother when they are sent out. That is another very emotional ride, as shown by the photo of military father Matthew Smith who went viral last week.

Last kiss
On the picture is Smit giving a last kiss to his young son, while he is hanging out the window of a bus that is about to drive away. His wife holds their toddler up, so he is closer to the window and to daddy.

"This is a very special picture of my awesome wife holding up my son so that I could get one last kiss before I left for Afghanistan."- Life of Dad user, Matthew Smith

Geplaatst door Life of Dad op woensdag 30 maart 2016

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