Eight year old boy drives to McDonalds!

Eight year old boy drives to McDonalds!

A naughty boy of eight has been caught in Ohio with his four year old sister, IN THE CAR - he went to McDonald's for a cheeseburger. Police in Ohio announced that the wee guy was out of bed when his parents went to sleep. He then rode with his sister almost two kilometers to the popular fast food restaurant.

Exemplary driver

Witnesses who saw the pair, said that the boy kept up with all the traffic rules, he drove very carefully along the crossings and crossing the railways. Once arrived, they were seized immediately by a family member who was coincidentally there. They contacted the grandparents so they could pick up the children.

No fine

Even though no one has been injured and no penalty has been written, the parents are being investigated by the police. The lad learned to drive by watching videos on Youtube.

Although we absolutely disagree with this behavior and really do not approve of it, we had to laugh at the story and give the Best Brother of the Year Award!

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