'Eating too many potatoes increases the risk of gestational diabetes'

Since your list of what you can not eat during your pregnancy is not yet long enough (....), you can also add potatoes. At least, it is actually about eating potatoes before the pregnancy. Eating too many of these delicious tubers before you become pregnant can significantly increase the risk of diabetes during pregnancy.

This is shown by a study in which more than 15,000 women in the United States were followed for ten years. Women who ate a portion of potatoes per week were 20% more likely to develop gestational diabetes. With two to four servings per week, you have 27% more chance of developing the disease. Do you eat five servings or more per week? Then the probability is greater than 50% (!), According to the American scientists who published their research in the British Medical Journal. Women who skipped two portions of potatoes a week and exchanged it for two portions of vegetables (peas, beans or lentils) would be 12% less likely to get the disease.

Cuilin Zhang, doctor at the National Institute of Health in Maryland said: "We have found that higher pre-pregnancy consumption of potatoes is associated with gestational diabetes, even after correction of other high risk factors. Replacing the potatoes with other vegetables was associated with a lower risk. '

But where is this connection now? The scientists think that the high amount of starch in the potatoes causes the peak in glucose, which causes the diabetes. This also increases the risk of developing type 2 diabetes later in life, according to the researchers. The research was carried out with all types of potatoes, except sweet potatoes.

For the real potato eaters among us, this is obviously bad news. Are you going to take this into account?​

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  • FisherSamantha

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