Do you confuse names of loved ones?

Do you confuse names of loved ones?

Do you also happen so often that you want to address your daughter, but use your son / dog / partner's name? That's very normal and happens to almost all mothers! And the beautiful: we can not do anything about it!

Psychologists from the Duke University of North Carolina asked 1700 people, and they all sometimes mistook names. The investigation showed that mothers especially suffer from this problem and that this has nothing to do with age. In particular, the names of children (and here and there a partner or a pet!) were confused.


We store information in our brains in semantic memory. This is a sort of network of relationships and relationships. So if you can not recall to your child's name for a moment,  the network will soon come up with someone who is just as close to you.

That's why you will never call your colleague or an uncle's name if you mean your child.

Nothing to be ashamed of

So it's not anything to worry about, so long as you don't call your husband by your neighbour's name ;)

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