Do we find newborn babies beautiful or not?

Do we find newborn babies beautiful or not?

Of course your newborn baby is the most beautiful in the whole world! As a parent, you are obviously in love with your little one and you can not think of anything more beautiful than your own child. But honestly, do we think newborn babies are really beautiful or not so much?

Researchers at the Brock University in Canada showed 142 participants photos of 18 newborn babies, when the babies were three months old and when they were 6 months old. The participants were asked which babies they would adopt if they looked at how cute they were, the happiness and health they radiated and the similarities they had with each other.

Youngest least attractive
"It was noticeable that the newborn babies were seen as the least attractive and that the babies of six months were most appreciated when they looked at their faces," says researcher Prarthana Franklin. That sounds logical in itself, because older babies have more expression in their faces and can laugh, but the researchers were a bit surprised.

"It was surprising, because we normally think: the younger a child, the crazier they are," says Franklin. The researchers explain that in all animal species and therefore also in humans: babies who have something cute according to an adult cause the feeling to take care of them. Newborn babies are actually the most vulnerable and they need the help of an adult to survive. Should they not be seen as the most adorable?

Tony Volk, professor at Brock University: "We wondered why there is a peak at six months. But when we consulted the medical literature we found that six months old babies are better to survive a disease than a younger baby ... a delay in developing a close bond makes an early loss easier to deal with. "

That sounds pretty intense. Are our brains programmed in such a way that we have a preference for parents to protect ourselves against the loss of a younger baby?

According to research Volk, we certainly should not dwell too much on this. "With this research we want to let parents know that it is very normal if your baby does not immediately feel a bond with your child, as you had actually imagined in advance. The bond will only get closer as your child grows older. "

Were you completely in love with your little one immediately after you had given birth?


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