Do not be alarmed: this is the average daily schedule of a mother

Do not be alarmed: this is the average daily schedule of a mother

Do you feel that you are very busy as a mother? That's not particularly shocking -  because it is proven that mothers have an average daily schedule that is a little crazy!

In the study, 2,000 American mothers with children between the ages of 5 and 12 were questioned. This way their weekly schedule was compared. And what were the results? The average working day of a mother takes no less than 14 hours! That is about 98 hours per week, about 2.1 full-time jobs.

Early to bed, early to rise
The research shows that the average mother gets up at 6:32 in the morning and goes into bed very early: 8:31 PM. In that time there is hardly any time for oneself. After taking care of the children and housekeeping, an hour and seven minutes remain for "me time".

Four in ten mothers describes her life as an infinite series of tasks.

Netflix and wine
The survey also asked how mothers can keep themselves going during such a busy day. For example, Netflix is ​​a way to recharge, but the sleeping arrangements of your child, coffee and wine were also mentioned. Furthermore, the mothers surveyed find that their 'angry voice' is indispensable as a mother.

Apart from going to bed so early, this all seems recognisable to me. How about you?

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