Crazy questions you get during pregnancy and afterwards

Crazy questions you get during pregnancy and afterwards

It's great that everyone is so interested in your pregnancy, but sometimes the questions can be tiring. We've compiled a little list of questions you get during and after your pregnancy.

During the pregnancy:

Wow what a belly! Are you sure it's only one?

What a little belly say! Is there a baby in there?

Your life is really going to change so incredibly, are you sure you're ready?

Ooooh, I bet it's a girl! Your hair is so beautiful, and what are you eating?

After birth:

So, is he the milkman's?

Oh what fun, are you pregnant? Congratulations!

How are you sleeping? Our baby slept through straight from birth.

Do you know what you have to do?

What a sweetheart! Is she doing well? Oh, it's a boy?

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