Crawling on a dirty floor is not bad at all

Crawling on a dirty floor is not bad at all

According to research, letting your baby crawl over a less-than-spotless floor is actually very good for them.

From American research at the Purdue University in Indiana, babies crawl over four times more bacteria, dust, fungi and other (dirty) particles than adults. Not only do they inhale more, the concentration of all that filth is more intense, because they are closer to the source: the floor.

Immune system
Although this may scare you, it is not nearly as bad as you think. According to the researchers, it is actually good. It gives them a much stronger immune system than when they only crawl over clean surfaces.

"Several studies have shown that exposure to these substances can reduce the risk of asthma and allergies in later life."

Crawling robot
To find out how many substances a crawling baby is exposed to, the researcher made a robot that could crawl. The robot then had them crawl over rugs that they had collected from different houses. Then they analyzed the amount of substances around the nose and mouth.

The research was published in Environmental Science & Technology.

Do you worry where you let your baby crawl?

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