Couple tries to steal baby from London hospital

Couple tries to steal baby from London hospital

A man and woman have been arrested after trying to steal a baby from a London hospital

    The couple, a 31 year old man and a 26 year old woman, told the Great Ormond Street Hospital staff that they were there to pick up their child. They displayed a picture of a child in an incubator upon arrival.

    Different birthday

    When the staff checked the documentation they discovered that something didn't add up; there was no child born on the day stated by the pair. The police were called and the couple were detained on suspicion of attempted kidnapping.

    The pair have been released on bail, reports The Telegraph. They have also been banned from using any hospital facilities, barring emergencies.

    Photo from the internet

    The picture that the pair showed to staff may have been taken from the internet. Police have praised the vigilance of the staff and, according to a spokeswoman for the hospital, these occurences are very rare.

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