Column Aefke:

Column Aefke:

Tyler is going to school soon. Where he is expected to be clean and to wipe his bottom himself. We've tried everything to encourage him, but he picks and chooses his own moments and still isn't trained.

When we started with cotton diapers and washable pants, we were convinced that it would help our boys become clean. Tyler has a great vocabulary, is very social, and is developing as a fun toddler, but can't seem to get rid of his diapers. Peeing in the toilet is fine, but he won't go number two anywhere but his diaper.

Social pressure
Whatever we did. When we stopped giving him diapers, he screamed our ears deaf and eventually he just pooped in his pants. I told him that his friends were also pooping on the toilet. I read booklets from animals that do their job on the pot or on the toilet. "No, mama, Tyler does not do that," he told me.

Last week, Tyler and I came up with the idea that we were just going to try it. We made it cozy in the bathroom with books and extra chairs for mom and little brother and we went for it. He was actually excited to try and eventually it all worked!

This is just the beginning. That we are not quite there yet, I noticed last when we were with the physiotherapist. Suddenly I smelled it. Tyler denied it but going to the toilet I discovered we were indeed too late. We got cleaned up and changed and headed home. Shit happens.

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