Coffee and breastfeeding: is it possible?

Coffee and breastfeeding: is it possible?

The USA sure loves its coffee! In fact, we are the world's biggest consumers of the drink, at around 3 cups per person per day! But what about when you breastfeed? Is it wise to drink so much coffee? We have looked into it for you.

The Nutrition Center recommends that you  drink decaffeinated coffee or tea. Caffeine can make your child restless. Babies who are younger than three months especially have difficulty getting substances out of their bodies, so they will become irritable and little insomniacs.

If you can not resist the urge for a cup of coffee, keep it at a cup a day. In addition, you may still drink two cups of black tea or a glass of cola.

Enjoy, but in moderation!

How many cups of coffee do you drink per day?

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