Coach Rose: In your face with nudity

Coach Rose: In your face with nudity

We sat in the grass of the playground. Sun shining, fruit, kids hanging like monkeys in the climbing rack. We were chatting when a boy of around seven years suddenly ran into our vision and began to strip off.

My eyes began to look: where was this child's parent? Something in me wanted to take action.? I noticed that I wanted to protect the boy. But why? "Kevin! How often do I have to say it?!" Ah, there comes mother, and in no time Kevin had his clothes on again.

What is fine for one family is uncappetable for another. This is often a result of your own upbringing, your own experiences, etc. Because of my work in youth care, I have become a bit more 'aware' because I know that people do not always have the best intentions, unfortunately so with children.

Nude in the playground: is it so bad?
But what is right and wrong? Is a child just exploring the playground really so bad? I really believe that you should not live your life in fear, as that is not a happy life. But I also believe that attention is needed along with your common sense.

It totally depends on the situation: every body is beautiful in its own way, and children should be allowed to be free in some situations, just use your common sense and instincts.

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