Coach Rose: have a child or not?

Coach Rose: have a child or not?

With my girl I had a great pregnancy. I read every week how big she was, what her mini-body could already do, it was beautiful! The delivery was unfortunately less rosy. After 30 hours of pushing and pain she wasn't sitting well and was having trouble breathing Fortunately everything worked out well, but it didn't really make me think "hey, let's make a habit of this".

Our second came along quite quickly. The little man was having a good time in my stomach, but my stomach seemed to take revenge on me: nine months of nausea, vomiting and seeing stars when I took a few steps. Luckily I got a super fast, 'nice' delivery (as far as you can say about deliveries) and a great boy from day one.

On to the next! Ehm, no. With two little ones, bad nights and some drama in the family, my ovaries suddenly said, "Hold up!" While I had always been so incredibly sure that I wanted a big family, I was suddenly just as incredibly sure that this was it. I was happy with these two people. It was good.

And it still is.

It is not always so clear to everyone. Sometimes you can doubt for years whether it is still 'wise' to still try to have a baby together. "Follow your heart, because it's always right", I once read somewhere. That would also be my advice on the subject. Of course your mind has a lot to say. And there are circumstances where it is better to wait. But in general, your brain is the one who speaks from fear: can we afford it? Am I good enough as a parent? What if the child gets the genes from my father? In what kind of world am I bringing the child into? All true. All good questions to ask yourself.

But leave the final conclusion to your heart. If it feels good for you together, then I think that is the way to go. You never know how life goes ... But I believe that many more people regret things that they did not do because of fear, than the things they did.

What do you think?

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