Coach Rose: De-stressing is sometimes so damn complicated!

Coach Rose: De-stressing is sometimes so damn complicated!

It was that time again: time for a day sauna. Alone.

Away from everything and everyone. I do it once every six months.

For Valentine's I received a voucher from my love so I did not have to feel "guilty" about the costs (from my self-earned money, what are we sometimes complicated!)

I plan something like that a month in advance; relaxation must of course fit into the agenda.

Date sorted.

Babysitter arranged.

Mama was ready!

I had a headache the night before.

"You get one every time, just before you go" my sweetheart said to me.

He was right...

The day started early: the child woke up at 6.15. And then of course the whole rigmarole; getting dressed, making sandwiches, combing hair ... And then myself: showering, removing all excess hair growth, packing.

Then the children go to school.

1, 2, 3 kisses. Okay, one last one.

A quick social chat with the mum of a friend.

Having a quick bite at home, emptying and filling the dishwasher and then ...


Ah crap where is that receipt?!


First I rifle through my wallet; 1000 cards, receipts and stamps later I remember that I received the receipt by e-mail.

Okay, I'll go through my mail while I start getting nervous.

I do not see it

After a number of searches in Outlook, my heart rate is high and I feel my hands sweating.

Where is that RECEIPT?!

I call customer service while I pick up some LEGO and water the plants.

"Our customer service is open on weekdays between 13.00 and 19.00," I hear a robotic voice say.


I decide just to go, surely they'll have a record of me there?

Oh thank God, they do!

And with a smile on my face and my bare bottom sweating in the sauna, I realise how stressful de-stressing can actually be.


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