Christmas gifts for baby: what to get?

Christmas gifts for baby: what to get?

How nice it would be if you can pamper your baby at Christmas with the most beautiful gifts of the world. But wait a minute ... Is that necessary now? Christmas gifts for babies?

Do you really have to overload your baby with expensive gifts during Christmas or do you prefer nothing because you find it unnecessary? I mean, a baby does not know what he gets. On HuffingtonPost there are a few tips from mothers you might be interested in.

1. Nothing expensive: baby doesn't know any difference.
"Do not give extremely expensive gifts to a baby. He can not remember what he has received. Keep the somewhat more expensive things for when he is older. Now he is happy with everything, so give something cheap! "

2. Do not give too many gifts
Another mother advised: "It is actually common to overwhelm a baby with expensive stuff. He only needs one or two things. "

3. Wrapping paper
"Wrap up only that what your baby needs. For example, I picked up nappy packs or other practical items. The tearing of the paper is what they like the most. "

4. Second-hand is also great!
Babies are easily bored. At a second hand store you can get enough fun things that your baby finds interesting and that are not too expensive.

5. Where do you put it
Maybe it's nice to give a lot of gifts, but where do you put it? One mother says: "We have never given excessive gifts to our children and have also asked the grandparents not to give too much."

Do you give gifts to your baby during Christmas?

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