Children with concussion should get moving

Children with concussion should get moving

It's important for children who suffer concussion to move around again as soon as possible. It seems that children who move around a little, such as walking or gentle swimming, suffer less long-term effects than those who stay bed-bound for longer.

The researchers interviewed 2,400 Canadian children aged five to eighteen. The results are published in The Journal of the American Medical Association. Patients and their parents were asked for the symptoms that the children experienced and their degree of movement on the seventh and 28th day after the concussion experienced.


Of the group who moved quickly, 29 percent had 28 days of complaints such as headache and nausea. In the research group that rested, it was 40 percent. Children who suffered from three or more symptoms in the first week, but underwent light activities, had 25 percent less complaints 28 days after the rest.

It's important to be careful in the period soon after concussion, says doctor Roger Zamek, physician of the children's hospital in eastern Ontario. 

Long rest may be harmful

It can even be worse taking a long time to rest. When children move, this stimulates blood circulation. In addition, the pleasure that they get out of motion is also positive for the recovery. According to Zamek, further research is needed to determine the ideal timing and motion intensity after a concussion.

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