Children should be given more freedom

Children should be given more freedom

Children must be raised in a less protected way. Risky play has a positive impact on children's physical and mental health. By doing so, they learn to estimate risks, become self-reliant and build self-confidence.

SafetyNL in the Netherlands launched a campaign to encouraging parents, schools and government to let children at the age of five to seven more 'freedom'.

More climbing and playing

For example, children could climb more in trees, fences and rooves or self-built cabins. Also, if necessary, cutting branches with a knife knife and building a hut with hammers and nails has a good influence on the development of children according to the center.

According to a study by TNS-NIPO, many parents see that risky play is important for the development of their child. But in practice, parents like fear that their child may be injured or that others disapprove of it. 

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